Wednesday, December 9, 1998

First weeks in Thailand

I moved in to my apartment. It is really cool and rather homey. It is really big, about three times the size of my room there in Japan and it has a neat baclony with an awesome view of the city, plus a pool on the roof to boot.

So I am getting settled here and starting to get the awesome task of familiarization in the works. Tomorrow is a Thai holiday, so me and a few of the Jesuit Scholastics (Jesuits in training I guess) and the legal officer (Micheal) are going on the boat canal ride and taking a tour of the Grand Palace.

This weekend is the visit and Christmas party at the Immigration Detention Center, where all of those here in Thailand illiegaly are put in prison. Our Christmas party here at the office was pretty humble but cool. Mass followed by some gathering was the extent of it.

As for me, I have a bank account, an I.D., a room, a job, and my own office, so I am settled in so far as that is concerned. Got my Milage Plus with United all squared away and it turns out I have enough miles to be a premier member, including enough miles for
some free airfare. So that is how that is going.

The family has moved to Pittsburgh and my Dad started his job on Monday. I spoke to him for the first time today, and it was comforting to know that everything is going OK. My mom and Ashley are still in Illinois so Ashley can finish school up to Christmas break and my mom can put in enough notice to leave the hospital. Then they will all be in Pittsburgh.

That's the news as of now.

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