Monday, November 23, 1998

Farewell to Tokyo

Well, these are the final words of your FORMER co-worker Kane Farabaugh.

Just wanted to give everyone a final warm wish for a bright and prosperous future, not just for Pacific Report, but for the whole station. Even though a few bad apples spoil the bunch sometimes, this station is filled with bright, imaginative, wonderful, and caring people who will move on to bigger and better things as I have, and I hope one day to see those people again. Never could one imagine the talent and diversity encompassed in this unit.

Some people have one of those days. Others have one of those months. I just seemed to have one of those tours. And for everything bad that you have heard or that actually happened, there are three good things that make up for each bad one. But I take away from this a fulfilled sense of accomplishment and rewards that some people can only dream about. And the beauty of it is it was made courtesy of the United States Air Force, American Forces Korea Network, and Air Force News Detachment Ten chain of command. For their unwavering support and their understanding I would like to extend my greatest thanks. Without their continued support, I wouldn't have been nearly as successful in accomplishing the achievements that I have.

A big warm thanks to those that were there for me - Dan Millbauer, Dan Days, MSgt Ellenberg, Jerry Shields, Jason Aviles, TSgt John T. Wilson Jr., Sean Lehman, Tony Hughes, Eric Wood, Jake Messier, Stew, Billinghurst, and yes, even at times, Mark Sentalia. Even though you were all there at one time or another, those are the ones that deserve a little extra pat on the back for sticking their neck out in my best interests. Thanks.

I hope that if you were coming to Thailand, you would drop a few lines in an E-mail and let me know where you will be and what you will be doing so that I can meet you and take you out for a night on the town (hopefully.)

My E-mail address is provided below.

And it is here that I leave you, with a poem written by American poet Clarence Day. A fitting epitaph to my year here with all of you.

Thanks for all the memories!

"Farewell my friends, Farewell and hail
I'm off to seek the Holy Grail
I cannot tell you why

Remember please when I am gone
Twas aspiration that led me on
Tiddly widdly toodle loo
All I want is to stay with you

But here I go - Good-bye."