Thursday, February 24, 2000

A Checkup on Life

Dear Friends,

Another Kanestergram from fabulous Kwajalein in theMarshall Islands.

All is well, with another week of pleasant weather and sunshine and fun on the beach.

Sorry for those of you stuck in the middle of winter.

This e-mail is intended to clean up my address book again and see who has Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo!Messenger. Also, if you have a different e-mail address, please let me know so that I can include it.

The Kanestergram will hopefully take on a different form in the next several months. I hope to send you video/audio e-mails. That's why I need to know who can support the audio/video files before I start sending the message. Also, those of you with decrompression programs, please let me know. DigitalCameras are fun, and if I don't send video, then I'll certainly start sending pictures.

What I hope to do is send the sights and sounds of traveling through the pacific, and show you what I can of the different islands and places around here. Just something to do to keep me busy in my off time.

As for my website, well it is still dull and boring, and I haven't had access to it since WBS switched over to the GO Network, but I finally think I fixed my access problems, and should start updating very shortly.

I hope to hear from you, so please write back and let me know.



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