Tuesday, October 3, 2000

The Long Wait Hello


It has returned! Yes, and hopefully here to stay is the Kanestergram!

I have been out of commission for a while, but wanted to send you all a new Kanestergram.


The last several months have indeed been hectic, but for those of you who I haven't heard from in a while, I'll fill you all in.

I was working at the American Forces Network station for Raytheon on Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands until June. I was offered a job as an audio-visual producer for an aerospace company here in Los Angeles, and I jumped at the oppurtunity.

I also work as a general assignments news reporter for the McGraw Hill ABC affiliate in Bakersfield, California (about 75 miles north of my home) on the weekends, just to stay fresh and keep a resume tape current.

So, I am here in Los Angeles, living in North Hills (San Fernando Valley) and commuting to El Segundo (near the airport).


Life is pretty fair right now. I live with two friends from high school, Rod Swearingen and Rich Marincic. Mike Ollom was a frequent visitor and Casey Navarro hangs out with our group, so it's kind of like a high school reunoin of sorts.

Los Angeles provides a variety of things to do on the weekend, so what little free time I have is spent soaking up the big city ways.

Surprisingly enough, I haven't done much of the sightseeing and touristy things in LA, but I have plenty of time to brouse around town.

I'll get the oppurtunity to do that this weekend when two friends from the military, Dan Day and Dan Millbauer, come to visit me here in LA this weekend. Should be a fun Reunoin.


I was fortunate to have Rich and Rod here in LA to help with the transition, and we have made some incredible friends in the relatively short time that I have been out here.


I am currently trying to revamp my website and relaunch a new, improved "VaderKane Central" and will let you all know when such a project is completed. Many of you expressed the desire to see pictures and stuff, so not only will I learn the ways of html "force", but I will also try to include video clips.

And, the Kanestergram will also undergo some changes when the new website launches. I'll post it on the website instead of a mass e-mailing.


Also, the neverending saga of my yet untitled book will also enter cyberspace. As I form the work, I will post a new chapter every month, and then allow all of you to add comments or thoughts or and will incorporate them into the book prior to publication. One of those interactive thingys.


This is all for this Kanestergram. As I get more disciplined and get back to more dedicated correspondence, I hope to make the Kanestergrams interesting and informative.

Until then, let me know how you all are doing.

I remain faithfully yours in cyberspace,

Kane Richard Farabaugh

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