Saturday, February 5, 2000

The Island Life for Me

Greetings friends of the Kanester,

This is the first official Kanestergram from the island of Kwajalien in the Marshall Islands, and it is evreything I expected it would be plus more.

The weather is beautiful, the scenery is great, including my own ocean front view from my room.

I pretty much dove in head first with all the activities on the island. I started my first shift of work, I am signed up to take the boating class, I start my basic scuba diving class soon, and I got my first sunburn - all over my body.

There's a lot of sun here, being close to the equator and all. I learned that the hard way.I have a pretty cool roommate named Eric. He's the guy who looks after our water source on the island and he's also the one who's getting me in to diving.

The guys at our TV / Radio station are also pretty cool, and I am getting in to the swing of things just fine.

Hope you all are well!