Monday, December 4, 2006

Jimmy Carter and Life in the Big Apple's Brother

Long time since the Kanestergram hit your inbox, so here's to spreading yuletide cheer and shameless self promotion.

I've e-mailed some of you recently about my exclusive interview with former President Jimmy Carter. For those of you into such things and friends from the news world, here is the complete interview with former President Jimmy Carter available on the web now:

I've got some more stories forthcoming from this interview... one on North Korea, one on Palestine, and another on the Carter Center. All will be up in a few days. He's an awesome guy to talk to... and it was a monumental opportunity to talk with him about the issues.

As for other things... Joanne and I are settling into our house in Glen Ridge New Jersey. Well, I say settling but we've only just begun the real work... getting the walls ready for painting. We hope to move in the week before Christmas just in time for our family visiting for the holidays! Some of our friends who live nearby have been great about giving us guidance and help in the major quest of getting things ready, and Joanne's been a super busy person using the paint roller getting the kitchen repainted. Things look like they're on track as we had the flooring company come in this week and finish up our renovated hardwood floors.

Work for the both of us continues to go well... Joanne is working at the Bank of New York (which today just announced a major merger with Mellon Bank from Pittsburgh so she's still waiting to hear what it means for her business) and I am working with the Voice of America at the New York bureau with trips across the country here and there (like Chicago for the Carter interview).

Both of us are taking some much needed time off for the holidays to recharge the batteries that have been work down by both work and the house purchase.

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Write me back! I'll try to respond!


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