Saturday, August 29, 1998


Well, Here I am, back to my old tricks e-mailing everyone in a mass e-mail, but as you can see from the list that I have been compiling above, there are a lot of people who are on the "Aquaintances of Kane" e-mailing roster, and even though I would really like to e-mail every one of you personally, musch of the same information is repetative to each of my friends, so you can all read the same stuff at the same time, and if you would like to share something with me, e-mail me and I will e-mail you back with a personal response - PROMISE! I have been bad in the past, and people stopped e-maliing me, and I don't want that, so I will be better.

Well, work here in Japan is pretty ho-hum. I am working on starting a ten minute entertainment program that focuses on Life in Japan and celebrity interviews and movie news. I have been submitting job resumes to stateside television stations and seeing how I compete with the rest of the market, and I am finding more often than not experience and a military career cancel out any college degree or recent graduates chance of getting a job I am going up for. My reponses so far haven't been promising me the world, but look favorable and I am relatively assured I can get a job as a reporter at market of 60+.

I have been hanging out with my friend Dan here a lot, and we were planning a trip to the Phillipines for Labor Day, but it doesn't look like it is that promising. Phuket Thailand is an option (even though I was just there last month - but I love it and want to go back - maybe to live), and so are some locations in Japan. We'll probably just stay here and party the whole weekend.

I lived through a mild earthquake yesterday morning. I woke up thinking someone was in my room shaking me, but it wasn't someone - it was something and that something was the earth.

On top of that everybody here in Japan is battening down the hatches for a typhoon that is going to hit Tokyo in about six hours. The eye of the tropical cyclone is projected to hit our area here (Kanto Plain) sometime tonight. The destruction of the storm could be substantial, but we'll wait and see.

I'll let you know if I survive.

Activities - well, I am teaching English at a foreign language school two nights a week, and that is fun. My students speak no english and I speak no Japanese, but we manage to have fun. I like teaching those classes because they are the most challenging and most rewarding.

I have seriously been considering joining the Jesuit Volunteer Corps after my enlistment is over and working as a volunteer relief worker in several African nations, among them Sudan and Kenya. I don't know why, but I have this nagging to do this, and I have talked to a Jesuit laybrother at the Catholic church here on base, and the idea sounds both interesting and rewarding. I have and continue to give it serious thought.

I missed college classes this term, but I intend to sign up for University of Maryland classes next semester. I'll take East Asian relations and a Mandarin Chinese class. I am trying to find a Mandarin Chinese tutor, but haven't met success.

I am planning a trip to Hiroshima (one of the cities in Southern Japan the U-S dropped an atomic weapon on during WW2) to hopefully do a life in Japan story on. I am waiting for my supervisors to give me the OK.

Other than that, nothing else to speak of. My webpage is coming along. You can visit it at:

Tell me what you think. I have a guestbook on another page at Geocities, but I want to put one on my current page also. When I get it, be sure to sign it. Not all of the pictures I want to put on the page are there yet, so if you don't see yourself, don't panic. It doesn't mean that you are less important to me.

I hope to hear from a lot of you after this e-mail, some of you whom I haven't heard from in ages. Keep up with the Kanester, and he'll keep up with you. I continue to become a bigger cybergeek as time goes by.

Take it easy


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