Sunday, August 8, 1999

Down Where I Belong (Maybe)

Aloha! (I mean hello - wrong tropical location)

Greetings from sunny (and at times deathly hot and humid) Tampa Florida, my new home and place of employment - Bay News Nine.


That party in Rockford for my going away was great from what I can remember) Actually, it was really great, and I couldn't have asked for better. Thanks for everyone who turned out and made it great. And there were a ton of people.

I got down here last Saturday. I drove from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.. My first stop in town was visiting the new Defense Information School (DINFOS). There I visited with SFC John Bradley, who was in Vietnam with me while I was shooting my news series for Pacific Report. He gave me a tour of the place. I got to see some of my old teachers, like MSgt Michelle Hood, and MSgt John Shugrue. I also saw former co-worker from Korea SSG Tim Donahue, SrA Jennifer (Zoe) Mock, and Marine Corporal Nathan Miller, who was at the school attending the Advanced Electronic Journalism class.

It's amazing to see just how far the school has advanced in technology. I don't even think that the kids going through the school now even see anything but DVCPro machines and gear. They even get Avid Non-Linear experience. What I wouldn't give to go through the school again. But my new job has all of those toys, so I'll get to play with them and have fun.

I also hung out with my former supervisor in Korea, Roger Hunter. Saw Georgetown a little and reminisced. I even got to help with the production at his studio! (Now my career is complete - I can retire).

The next day I drove to Virginia Beach to do a little partying with former partner in crime Blake Miller. Far be it from me to be nostalgic, but even though it wasn't Korea, it was almost like old times. There was also old LTD Ben Dennis who partied with us (or tried I suppose). It was a good time. Hope to do it again.


Well, it was baptism by fire here - I had a live shot on my second day. A mother left her one year old child in a car, so we went live with the story. I have been getting the hang of things here. Since I work at a 24 hour news station, we work on a wheel instead of just getting stories for the 5, 6, or 10 show. It's neat to work with everyone here. It's a relatively young and hip crowd, and that makes for a fun atmosphere.

I am getting established and learning the ropes here. It's all a little bit of trial and error. The most difficult part is learning the computer. EVERYTHING is run on the computer, from e-mail to phone messages to actually editing to air play. I like it, less paper, but more that can go wrong in the vent of a computer malfunction. The program, NewsMaker, was made for this station, and everything is run off of it.

We have satellite trucks, a helicopter, and all new gear, so as far as technology, you can't do better. We can even edit on portable laptop editors (way cool!)


I am staying at my grandmothers pad less than ten minutes from Bay News Nine.

Mystery Men - Good, fun Flick - **1/2 Stars
Thomas Crown Affair - Interesting, and intelligent - *** stars
Blair Witch Project - HATED IT! - BIG THUMBS DOWN - It ends horrible, don't go see it.

Deep Blue Sea - OK, only because of a surprise twist with Samuel Jackson - **stars

2. South Park
3. Matrix
4. Austin Powers 2
5. Thomas Crown Affair

All for this week. Write me soon. Check out the Bay News Nine webpage this month, my bio and stuff should be there soon.

Hear from you all soon.