Saturday, April 29, 2000

Live from the Isle of Sun

Hey All!

Good to see that I am still getting through to you, as you are reading this e-mail message. If you are changing your e-mail address, then please let me know so I can update the address book.

Just wanted to catch up with everybody. I have been rather lax in sending regular Kanestergrams. The sun and sort of general malaise of this island has sunk into my brain, and so now that I have motivation and a chance, let me catch up with you.

I am still here in Kwajalein, working for the AmericanForces Radio and Television Service in the Marshall Islands for the Central Pacific Network. Basically I just sit and watch TV and make sure that there is a signal. I have the oppurtunity to occasionally host a morning or afternoon radio show and produce our weekly television show "Windows on the Atoll."

I went to the northern island in our atoll a few weeks back to produce a story for "Windows on the Atoll". I did the story on the walk-through battlefield tour. Many of the Japanese bunkers and buildings are located on the island, and it was neat to be able to see everything that is still relatively in tact. Roi - Namur and Kwajalein were sites for the two larg einvasions of these islands during World War 2, so it is rich in history.

I am also getting involved in some water sports out here. I am on a team that plays water polo, and even though I am realy bad at playing, I still try very hard. In the long run, it is really fun.

Though the island is small, it is not short on partying, and we all spend a lot of time hanging out here on the island.

Not much else is happening with me. I'd like to hear from all of you, so sending me an e-mail message would be cool.

I'll be in touch, and I am still around.