Tuesday, June 12, 2001

WV Summer Breeze


Another installment of the steady yet infrequent Kanestergram is once again upon us.

I suppose the infrequency of them is due largely to the fact that not much new has happened to yours truly over the last several months, but that which has is outlined in this Kanestergram.


It's work, a job, whatever you call it. And it's fun, sometimes.

Reporting for the CBS affiliate in Charleston has it's ups and downs. We continuously find ourselves dealing with a computer called Parkervision which has no mercy on us. It fully automates our newscasts, and is a constant source of frustration.But the stories we cover are interesting.

We've had pretty bad weather here in West Virginia for the last several weeks. This week it's hot and humid, but just over two weeks ago, we had some bad flooding that wound up killing four people and caused President Bush to declare several southern counties of the state federal disaster areas.

I got to perform my first helicopter live shot from Chopper 13 (only news chopper in the state). There was a lumber fire about an hour away that was a spectacular scene. Close to one million dollars in damages put the Clonch Industries lumber yard on our news radar for a couple of days.

And there is always the continuous flow of murders, rapes, and burglaries.But one of the rays of light peaking out of the grey clouds of bad news is the Pearl Harbor story I did right before the movie came out. I researched and found six veterans still living in Charleston who were at Pearl Harbor when the Japanese attacked. Thier accounts formed the framework for a movie tie-in that turned out to be one of the best stories I've done. It was an educational experience to meet those veterans, and I was lucky to do the story.


It's the name of a "shuffle", more like a moving party mob at Ohio University that I participated in with my co-worker and friend John Klemack. He graduated from the university last week, and invited me up for the party the night before graduation festivities. A good time and an educational experience.


And for the first time in two years, I got a chance to go back to Ottawa, Illinois for the retirement party of Mr. Bill Myers, who ends his tenure as one of the most influential and "abstract" teachers at Ottawa Township High School. It was good to see a lot of familiar faces at Bertas that night. It was incredible actually, and I apologize for not being able to hang out with everyone I saw. I'm hoping to make it back into town for Riverfest this year, so those I missed we'll hang out then.

And it was definitely good to see Brian Steep and Rob Thiry again. Hanging out was just like old times "almost" and I can't wait until we can hang out again. And it was also good to see Laura Hagenbaugh who's heading for hawaii. Aloha!

And thanks to the Marincics for letting me crash for the night.


Pearl Harbor - despite all the bad press and tough critics, it's a movie worth checkin out once or twice.

Shrek - probably one of the best movies this summer. Funny and creative.


Well, I wish that there was more, but nothing comes to mind right now.

If you get this e-mail, please e-mail me back. I'm usually pretty good about returning the favor.

Yours Truly,